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Just the basic rules - there's nothing too unusual here, but please be sure to read and thoroughly understand them before submitting to the group's gallery since we do have certain requirements in place that are specific to us. Keep them in mind when applying your work to be included within our group.

This journal is also home to the guidelines on how to get your own Featured Worlds folder. So scroll down to the appropriately titled section to learn more if you're interested.

Our Guidelines

You must have your own original world.  The existence of this world must be clearly mentioned in the deviation description, with some sort of indication that it isn't a one-off or throwaway setting.

There are many groups for general fantasy art and OC art, but this is not one of them. We are strictly for the works of your original worldbuilding projects and the characters inhabiting them. This means please do not submit art with zero connections to a world and is just on its own. We encourage creative context and imagination here!

As we get a lot of submissions that don't mention their ties to an original world, please state clearly somewhere in the artist's comments of your submissions that your image is connected to a world you've created. If things are unclear, you risk having your work declined. In some cases our staff may ask you about any original world connection to verify that the work is appropriate for our group; in this case just explain a little about your world to us to let us know that it's an actual setting with depth behind it, and that you have plans to work with it in the future.

Alternate versions of Earth are accepted as long as they are vastly different from our own. Society, culture, and history must be wildly altered so that even if the setting is Earth, the reality of it is different and unique.

A setting that is based on Earth, but is its own unique setting due to the drastic changes which distinguish it from our own real life, include things like post-apocalyptic versions of our planet (e.g. Fallout), and far-future settings where the world has changed to be almost unrecognisable due to technological advancement (e.g. most classic sci-fi stories; one example could be Blade Runner). These settings, which are so wildly distant from what we know today, are unique in that how society and culture functions is entirely distinct from our own, be it for one reason or another, shaped by advancement or devastation. An alternate history which has sent our world's development spiralling down an entirely different path also counts - think of the many steampunk settings out there which are based on a technological divergence point in history!

Essentially, what we want to see is a fair amount of worldbuilding in your setting: some effort into defining just what its differences from our Earth are and why they came about. A world born from our own should be the sum of many parts which make it almost unrecognisable in comparison to what we see outside our windows each day, and not just regular life with a small difference like the existence of, say, vampires or werewolves. Think on the broader scale! These alterations surely have repercussions that resonate throughout our society and culture, shaping the planet to evolve in a much different way and for us humans to behave differently. Remember the Butterfly Effect - even the smallest thing can have huge consequences! So consider these things when forging a world based on our own.

Submission Rules and Folders

What we accept:
:bulletgreen: Artwork that depicts your original worlds, their inhabitants and environments. It's in our name, after all; show us the wonderful products of your world building and imagination!
:bulletgreen: Drawn work and literature are both accepted, so feel free to share with us your written pieces whether they are prose or referential.

What we don't accept:
:bulletred: Artwork that is for another person's world. We want work connected to your own worlds only.
:bulletred: Artwork not created by you. Collaborations are accepted, but re-uploads of commissioned work from other artists, etc. are not.
:bulletred: Anything that violates deviantART rules. No blatant smut or works clearly made purely to titillate and arouse. Mature content submissions are allowed, but must be properly tagged.

Quality control:
:bulletyellow: All literature submissions must be written clearly and with correct spelling and grammar. If the piece is illegible because of gratuitous errors in formatting, language or technical terms, it will be declined.
:bulletyellow: Poorly scanned or photographed works, and anything poorly cropped from a scan or photograph, are not accepted. This applies to quick doodles and sketchdumps too. Please present your work well!

We also have multilingual admins here! :la: You are free to submit works using the following languages:
- English
- French
- German
- Norwegian

Submission limit: 3 times per week.

–––––––––––– ❖ ––––––––––––

:bulletblue: Featured
For the best work of our members! Admin-curated; members may not submit directly to this folder.
:bulletblue: Featured Worlds
The hub for our Featured Worlds folder system. The best works within our world-specific subfolders are featured within this one.
:bulletblue: Illustration
Fully completed drawings, such as a scene from your story. Split into Digital and Traditional subgalleries.
For all things written! Chapters, one-shots, even poetry. Anything told in words goes here.
The folder for all your comic pages and series tied into your original worlds!
Have you rendered parts of your world in sculpture or plush form, or perhaps cosplayed as one of your characters? This folder is for all those crafty projects.
Anything created primarily for reference purposes. Character sheets and written bios, planetary histories, maps, designs of ships and weapons and such.  Split into Illustrated References and Written References subfolders, which are in turn subdivided into:
Species: The various lifeforms inhabiting your world.
Characters: References for specific individuals.
Settings: Locations, languages, world histories etc. Maps go here.
Objects: Vehicles, weapons, clothing etc. Basically all the non-living things in your world.
:bulletblue:Sketches and Rough Work
Brainstorming doodles, works-in-progress and sketchdumps. Anything too rough or unpolished to be considered a finished illustration. (Formerly called Concepts and Sketches. Renamed to attempt to reduce the number of finished works submitted to it due to confusion over "concepts" vs "concept art".)
Have you filled out a meme using a character from your world? Age memes, expression memes, silly what-if scenario memes... as long as it features someone/thing from your own world, submit it here. Split into Illustrated Memes and Written Memes subfolders. Blank memes for people to fill out go in Resources -> Blank Memes
For all tutorials and guides that help people design their own worlds, species, maps, and more! Divided into the following folders:
Tutorials - Drawing: Tutorials focusing on how to draw things, e.g. planets, maps, creature design.
Tutorials - Writing: Guides of a more wordy bent. Detailed species profiles, worldbuilding how-tos, writers' guides.
Blank Memes: Unfilled memes for people to do.
:bulletblue:Maintain Holding Pattern
The HELP I DO NOT KNOW WHERE THIS GOES folder. Unsure which folder a piece should go in? Submit it here and an admin will help you figure it out.

:star:Favourites Folder: This one is a little bit different, submission-wise. Did you commission some art of your world from another artist? Did you receive gift-art of your world from a friend? Our Favourites folder is for works relating to your original world that were not drawn/written by you.

Getting Your World Featured

Getting our group feature for your world will require that you meet some prerequisites first.  

To avoid undeveloped, or half-hearted worlds from cluttering our gallery, you must provide proof that you possess a thriving, fully developed world with refined OCs or civilizations. The most important detail in getting your own folder is definitely having a good storyline, but equally important is that it is placed in a different world than Earth.  Please note us concerning proof of your prerequisites such as:

Option 1
:bulletgreen: You have at least 3 fully developed characters with personalities, histories, etc. from this world.
:bulletgreen: You have a general concept of the physical world such as its geography, climate, and plant/animal life. Maps are helpful, but not required.
:bulletgreen: You have a solid foundation for a storyline with plot, conflict, setting, and background information.

Option 2
:bulletblue: You have completely thought out races and/or characters inhabiting your world.
:bulletblue: You at least have a general or developing idea for a physical map.
:bulletblue: You have developed some highly refined cultures and environments for the setting.

Note original-worlds with the information on your storyline, characters, races, world, and so on. You're giving a "sales pitch" here, so make it as good as you can! Also remember that each person only gets one folder, so if you have multiple worlds, propose the one you have put the most work into and you are most proud of.

Remember, you can note the admins if you have any questions!

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